SEO tips: canonicalization

SEO tips: canonicalization


Providing SEO tip is not easy task. Yet we do our best to enlighten few. url canonicalization means picking the best url between several choices. Google search engine uses this canonical tag to specify the right url among multiple URLs. This will help prevents problems caused by identical or “duplicate” content appearing on search result.

Let’s go in details.

For example: you have two url. & Both of them looks same for most people but not for google search engine. Search Engine will index them as two different url. Technically search engine is right. Those two url could take you completely two different location and show different content.

SO, when you search for “yourname” in google search box which page will come up in google search page?

Answer is, both url will come up on search page. Because both of them have one word in common “yourname”.

But, you don’t want both of them to come up on search engine. Because those two url content is different then each other. Which in fact will create a confusion for searchers.

So, you need to specify one of them to come up on search engine and hide the other one for certain condition. This is why you need canonical tag. Search engine will follow this canonical tag to simplify search result. It’s usually refers to home pages. But it can be specify through proper SEO.


For those who want to know more about SEO please follow this link [Search Engine Optimization]. For those who’s not familiar with the term URL, please follow this link [URL]. 


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